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BHS Faculty

Faculty List

Name Assignment Email
Cannon, Darryl Economics, Government, U.S. History
Cannon, Erin Algebra 1 and Liberal Arts Math
Cassube, Pam Engineering, Robotics, Coding
Christy, Pamela M/J Language Arts
Clark, Erin Hope, Anatomy & Physiology
Clark, Timothy PE, HOPE
Coker, Eleanor M/J Language Arts
Dees, Julie Culinary Arts
Diaz, Carlos Chemistry, Physics, Biology
Etcher, Anne M/J Agriculture, MS FFA adviser
Fryar, Vaster Art
Frye, Cynthia ESE, Transition
Gaylard, Lawanna M/J Life Science
Huddleston, Terry Principal
Jernigan, Renee Business, Computer Skills
Jernigan, Shannon Liberal Arts Math, Math College Readiness, HOPE
Johnson, Amanda M/J Math
Koon, Karen Media Specialist, Gifted, Executive Internship and Volunteer Public Service
Manna, Carl Assistant Principal
McInnis, Joshua Biology, Physical Science
McClendon, William Band
Monica Jackson English III, IV
O’Quinn, Alex PE
Rains, Emilee M/J Social Studies
Rodriguez, Sergio Spanish
Roundtree, Michele English II
Santos, Stefani ESE
Sikes, Mendy PE
Soride, Cara Pre-Calculus, Alg 2, Math for College Readiness
Stewart, Denise ISS
Taylor, Tommy Welding
Ward, Misty Journalism Academy, The Buccaneer Drift & The Buccaneer Adviser, AP Art & Design
Warren, Abbey Geometry, Algebra
Whitley, Linda ESE
Wingate, K.J. ESE
Wood, Angela Assistant Principal
Young, Stacy High School Agriculture, FFA adviser